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Speciality Counseling in Carmel Indiana

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Carmel Indiana

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Our couples therapists in Carmel Indiana are trained in systemic, transformational and experiential therapies. You will not come in and just "chat with the therapist" about the problem, but work with each other as we guide you through necessary and difficult discussions, so that you can create transformative change in your relationship. Your session experience is designed so that you will consistently experience each other in a positive, growth-oriented way. You will be encouraged to implement healthy strategies, challenged to stop problematic behaviors and taught skills to be a stronger, better couple.

Traditional Couples Therapy Sessions

These sessions are 75 minutes long, which is longer than most couples sessions offered by other providers. Our clinicians are systemic therapists, meaning that we recognize that intimate relationship have mutually created dynamics. Couples create emotional safety, trust, and intimacy in therapy by cooperating in changing their part in the dynamic, not changing their partner. We believe this can significantly improve the relationship.

$75 for a clinical intern supervised by a supervising clinician.

$150 for a licensed clinician.

Sessions Using Co-Therapists

There are many benefits to having two therapists in couples therapy. One benefit is that it allows for multiple perspectives and feedback in the therapy session. This can help couples gain a better understanding of their issues and work towards resolving them. Additionally, having a co-therapist can provide a sense of safety and comfort for the couple, as they may feel more comfortable opening up and sharing their thoughts and feelings with multiple people in the room. Furthermore, the co-therapist approach also allows for couples to experience different therapeutic styles and techniques, which can be beneficial in

finding the right fit for their needs. 

$225 per session

Sessions with our Reflecting Team of Therapists

Our reflecting team includes a primary therapist and two reflecting therapists who participate in the session. Reflecting teams are a highly supportive experience for couples and offers multiple insights and perspectives of the therapeutic team

to help create change in the relationship. 

$250 per session

Intensive Couples Therapy Sessions

These session are 3-hours long. These sessions are structured specifically to your presenting issue. Couples usually select this option when in crisis, when working through infidelity, traveling in from out of the Lexington area, or desiring significant time with the therapist.

$575 per session.

Couples Retreats

Join us at our next private or group couples retreat in Scottsdale Arizona. Four days that could change your relationship forever.

Cost based on the couple's budget.

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Couples Retreat

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