Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Anger Management
Individually scheduled

Cost: $40 per session, pay as you go

Location: Waybridge Anderson or Blue Ash Office



We offer a ten-session individualized anger management program. This is a nice alternative to attending an anger management group with other individuals. Participants attend individual meetings with one of our facilitators for 10 sessions. Each session is focused on discussion of an anger management topic, demonstration of techniques, and review of specific concepts. For those who are court ordered to attend anger management, we can send a certificate to the court that details attendance, topics of the sessions and level of participation. 

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Growth in Chaos
Transformational Process Group for Women
This group is co-led by Dr. Butch Losey, Ed.D., LPCC-S and Christal Nelson, B.S., C.T.


Group therapy creates a community of healing. This is a significant component of this group and may be different than other group experiences that you may have had. This group encourages restorative, compassionate interaction between the participants and encourages participants to: connect inwardly with self;  reveal these experiences outwardly with others for reflection; advocate for self; and understanding self in the context of others. From my experience, this is a powerful process.

This group is for women who are struggling in their intimate relationship because of infidelity, conflict, loss of connection and other challenges that come with trying to connect intimately. It is based on the many restorative retreats that I have participated in with the Satir Institute in Canada and the U.S., and of course the work of Virginia Satir.


This group is about growth and transformation. We will work together to strengthen your understanding and appreciation of you, the only one of you on this planet.

Wholeness, growth and evolution are natural human processes and, therefore, need
to be the focus of any therapeutic change. Transformational change comes from the level
of your Life Energy. It means that people are becoming more of their true, "selves" rather than living in their reactive, survival systems. We will work together to strengthen you in the context of your relationship.

Come join us on Saturday mornings to be prized, to discover what you truly want for you and to live a congruent life that is intentionally created.

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Gender Actualization Program Groups

Supporting Adults and Parent Therapeutic Support Group

Trans Adults Therapeutic Support Group

Supporting Partner and Spouse Therapeutic Support Group

Cost: $40.00 per Session, Care Source Insurance AcceptedLocation: Waybridge Anderson or Blue Ash Office

Waybridge prides itself in providing highly specialized services to populations with specific treatment needs. To continue this pursuit of our vision, and to better serve the Greater Cincinnati community, Waybridge Counseling is offering a program for gender treatment to provide services to trans populations. In order to meet our goal of providing comprehensive care, therapeutic support groups are offered to Waybridge clients and the  trans community of the Cincinnati area. These groups are led by trained licensed clinicians who are dedicated to serving this population.

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Blue Ash Office

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Mariemont Office

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  • Anxiety

  • Mediation/Anger management 

  • Depression

  • Suicide ideation

  • Self-harm and cutting

  • Substance Abuse

  • Addictions counseling

  • Oppositional and disruptive behavior in children

  • Grief and loss

  • Children impacted by divorce

  • Pre-marital & marriage counseling

  •  infidelity treatment

  • Treatment and support for LGBTQ populations

  • Gender Identity counseling, including transgender and gender nonconforming populations

  • Sexual trauma/Sexual Assault

  • Eating Disorders

  • Domestic violence/Partner violence

  • Wellness counseling

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