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Supporting Parents with Baby Loss and Miscarriage

Thursday, February 2, 2023 (9:00 am-12:15 pm EST

Presenter: Alexandra Heath

Director, TBR College of Perinatal Emotional Health, UK

Live Virtual Workshop

Alexandra Heath, Presenter.jpeg
Alexandra Heath




  • Understanding the prevalence and aetiology of baby loss and miscarriage - US numbers 

  • The medical perspective on baby & pregnancy loss and it's contrast with the experience of parents

  • Societies perspective and the taboo of baby & pregnancy loss

  • Understanding grief and it's symptoms both physical and mental


  • Understanding the similarities and relationship between grief and trauma

  • Understanding trauma symptoms and how these can be re-triggered at different stages

  • Different types of grief and how they apply to baby and pregnancy loss

  • Being aware of our own prejudices and biases around grief

  • Using a grounding technique to manage high levels of anxiety

  • Practical Exercise in pairs using breakout rooms - practice a relaxation and grounding technique


  • Ways of supporting baby & pregnancy loss at different stages of the grief journey

  • Understanding high anxiety in future, rainbow pregnancies

  • The role of journalling, affirmation, meditation and relaxation in managing anxiety

  • Practical Exercise in pair using breakout rooms - working together in pairs using the case study provided indicate what kind of support parents might need at different stages of their grief journey


About the presenter...


Alexandra Health is the director of the TBR College of Prenatal Emotional Health in the UK and author of Recovering from a Traumatic Birth: A Practical Guide.

Since 2010 she has supported parents as they have recovered from traumatic perinatal events, depression and anxiety. She began teaching the same therapeutic skills that she was using successfully with parents and birth professionals. Since then she has trained 100s of professionals in the skills, techniques and framework that can safely, gently and effectively lift trauma symptoms and support parents towards their own goals of recovery. She frequently provides training for the NHS and other health and wellbeing organizations and speaks at events about perinatal emotional health & wellbeing.


Continuing Education:


Waybridge Counseling will be providing 3 CEU credits for this workshop. Waybridge is a Continuing Education Provider for the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapy Board. Continuing Education offered for counselors, social workers and marriage and family therapists: (Provider RCST031802).


This program meets the expectations of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners as outlined in the Arizona Administrative Code R-46-802 as defined as "activities sponsored or approved by national, regional, or state professional associations or organizations in the specialties of marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, and social work".


Workshop Fee

The registration fee is $99.00.

Please click the link below to begin the registration process.


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