Supporting Adults and Parent Therapeutic Support Group


     This group is designed for parents and supporting adults (extended and immediate family, guardians, etc). Dedicated adults and parents do not need to be supporting a minor, the individual they are coming for can be a young adult. This group allows thorough processing of deep experiences of grief that are unique to supporters of trans individuals. This group will provide psychoeducation including: terminology, transition process, how to support gender actualizing child, grief, and unique needs/issues of transitioning families. This group will tend to specific needs of caregivers and supporterss, encouraging connecting, relationship building, and self-care. 

Start Date: January 2019.


Length: Every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm-7:30pm (1 hour).  


Cost: $20 per person or CareSource insurance.

Location: Our Anderson Office: 4030 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Rd, Suite 102 Cincinnati/Blue Ash OH 45242


Limit: This group has a limit to maintain focus of group, slots may fill up fast! 

Led by: Dave Brewer, LPCC and Katie Long, LPC


Register: Contact 513-488-7161 

Trans* Adults Therapeutic Support Group


     This group will be provided for clients enrolled in the Waybridge Center for Gender Actualization. If there are openings, we will open this group to the community of Great Cincinnati. This two hour group will consist of a portion dedicated to group members connecting and processing about unique needs and experiences and the other portion will be dedicated to themes regarding wellness, psychoeducation, relevant topics, and relationship building. This group will be an open group, meaning there is no strict curriculum set; Lorna and Caitlin are eager to cater to the specific needs of the group. 

Start Date: January 7th, 2019

Length: Biweekly Mondays, 1 hour group


Cost: $20 per person or CareSource insurance.

Location: Our Blue Ash Office: 10945 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 302, Cincinnati/Blue Ash OH 45242


Limit: This group will have a limit to 15 participants to maintain focus of group. 

Led by: Caitlin Yilmazer, LPCC-S and Lorna Douglas, LPC


Register: Contact 513-488-7161 

Supporting Partner and Spouse Therapeutic Support Group


     This group would be designed for partners or spouses of individuals who have come out as being transgender. The group will provide psychoeducation for partners and spouses about being transgender, how to support their partner, and about the normalcy of feeling a sense of grief. A focus of the group will be on processing members’ experiences and their possible feelings of shame, guilt, grief, anger, and other emotions. The group will provide a safe space where members can learn more about their partner and how they can support them, as well as how to work through and process the emotions they are experiencing.

Start Date: To Be Announced (TBA)




Cost: $20 per person or CareSource insurance.

Location: Blue Ash Office


Limit: Ideally the group would remain relatively small to promote more intimate discussion and group cohesion.

Goals: Provide education and increase members’ knowledge about being transgender, helping members process their feelings of guilt, shame, anger, confusion, loss, grief, etc. and to help guide them through this adjustment, and to enlist their empathy and care for their partner.

Led by: Katie Long, LPC and Caitlin Yilmazer, LPCC-S


Register: TBA