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Areas of Concern:

If you are interested in having one of our school-based clinicians work with your child at school, please access the request form at the link below. We will call to discuss with you  how we can help. We can offer assistance with navigating IEP/504 plans, classroom observations and ongoing counseling session at your school.

School-Based Counseling Request Form

School Concerns

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Dr. Allie Rhinehart

I work with children, adolescents, and adults on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment, developmental and behavioral issues, parenting, family systems, relationship dynamics, identity development, career exploration, and wellness. ​I consider myself a specialist who uses play therapy with children and exploration of family dynamics/early childhood experiences with adolescents and adults to tackle the many challenges of life. The cornerstone of my approach lies in encouragement and empowerment. My goal is to join with clients as they work through troublesome thoughts, learn to manage their emotions, and take steps toward healing. I believe in my clients’ abilities to make intentional decisions about their behavior and the relationships they pursue. I am an Adlerian therapist, which means I see value in belonging and meaning making. I also integrate neuroscience while building relationships with my clients. This is especially useful when helping clients work through developmental issues, trauma, and grief. Situations and experiences do not define us. Instead, with insight and support, we have the opportunity to define who we are and what we might contribute to the world. I have also studied appropriate techniques for incorporating spirituality as a source of hope and connectedness to culture and community, for clients who wish to do so.

Rose Diaz-Vazquez

My interest is to work with children, adolescents, and early adulthood for general mental health. I am also part of a grant that focuses on providing support to transition-aged youth with visual impairments who are transitioning from school to further education or the world of work. I can help with depressive disorders, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. I can work with families and can serve as a liaison between school and family.


Catherine Guimaraes

As a licensed professional counselor, early childhood mental health consultant and elementary educator, I am passionate about building adult resilience through empathy, education and empowerment. My interest is in supporting adults in parenting, caregiver and service-provider roles through individual and family counseling. I hope to create a supportive space for clients to address personal challenges and those in relation to their caregiving role, process adversities, manage compassion fatigue and burn-out, and cope with the effects of trauma. My counseling style is warm and collaborative, nonjudgmental and supportive. Using a strengths-based, person-centered approach, I help clients build upon personal strengths to encourage resilience and hope.

Dave Brewer

Families today come in all shapes and sizes. And although no family shape or size is bad in itself, dealing with changes or conflicting needs can be hard. Adults and kids in today's families face the challenges that past generations never had to deal with. We face divorce and step-family issues, kids who can't seem to get along with parents, brothers and sisters or other kids. Single parent families, gay and lesbian family members, grandparents raising grandchildren. Some kids just struggle to succeed, either at home or at school, despite tremendous efforts on everyone's part. I work with individuals or families to help them create attainable goals and plans to reach these goals successfully. My focus is on strengths and solutions.


Shelly Baxter

As a systemic couples and family counselor, my interactive treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to assist clients as we resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. For over 20 years I have worked in an agency and community counseling setting with youth and their families allowing me to be productive with clients from many stages of life. I have also worked on the Clermont County crisis hotline for 10 years. I draw on a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client and family utilizing systemic family therapy. Specialty include depression, oppositional behavior as well as risk assessment and crisis intervention for youth and young adults. Each client (individual or family) is personally assisted as we work together to build on their strengths and identify a plan to achieve their life goals.

Jordan Porto.jpg

Jordan Porto

I love working with children and adolescents in the school setting. I also enjoy working with families, and couples. I help my clients around issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and anger-management. I am currently a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Liberty University and will graduate in May of 2023. I have worked in the mental health field as school-based case manager and in other mental health professions for the past nine years. I've obtained my bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix in 2019.


Hsin-Ping Huang

I provide counseling for children, young adults, and adults with low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. I apply art therapy and mindfulness-based counseling and have previously run art therapy workshops to help women with depression in India. I can speak Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, and have previously provided wellness and psychoeducation services in Taiwan, China, and India. I am currently in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master's program and Pre-Art Therapy certificate program at the University of Cincinnati.

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