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Waybridge Counseling

Speciality Counseling in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Waybridge Counseling Services


Anderson Township

4030 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road

Suite 102

Cincinnati Ohio 45255

(513) 488-7161


Blue Ash

10945 Reed Hartman Highway 

Suite 302

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

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Dr. Butch Losey

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: KY, OH, AZ I work specifically with couples who are recovering from infidelity, are dealing with difficulties in communication, find it difficult to talk without arguing, or have problems intimately connecting. My process for couples therapy is systemic, transformational and experiential. My hope is that you will gain a greater understanding of yourself and your partner, which will create transformation in your relationship. I create the session experience so that you will consistently experience each other in a positive, growth-oriented way. You will not come in and "chat with the therapist" about the problem, but work with each other as I coach you through necessary and difficult discussions so that you can create transformative change in your relationship. You will be encouraged to implement healthy strategies, challenged to stop problematic behaviors and taught skills to be a stronger, better couple. At the end of therapy, you should expect to have a better understanding of each other's needs, be better at talking about difficult topics, have increased intimacy between the two you, and have healed the pain that brought you to therapy. My Books: --Unwelcome Guest: Intrusive Thoughts, Rumination, and the Complexities of Healing After Infidelity --Managing the Aftermath of Infidelity: A Sequential Guide for Therapists and Couples --Creating an Effective Couples Therapy Practice --Bullying, Suicide and Homicide

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Caitlin Yilmazer

In-Office: Cincinnati | Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY, OH I have specialties in gender/LGBTQ+ affirming therapy and couples counseling. I am also developing a specialty in co-parenting counseling. I have written a book and created two master’s level courses for Xavier University for gender therapy. I also have been a guest speaker and trainer about gender and LGBTQ+ therapy at several universities and local agencies. In 2013 I started my training in systemic couples counseling and have worked with high conflict and infidelity, and this has also expanded to working with queer and gender diverse couples, and is currently inspiring working with co-parents. I decided to start providing co-parenting counseling to help co-parents construct and repair a co-parenting relationship that prioritizes the needs of their child(ren) and functions the most effectively for the unit. Co-parenting counseling is different from mediation because the objective of the counseling process is more than just dispute resolution, it’s about strengthening the co-parent team in favor of the child(ren)’s best interest. The process is unique to each circumstance. Co-parents might want to improve communication or conflict resolution skills, work through specific barriers in their team, align and perform as a united front, or even process aspects of the familial changes together. My books and publications: A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Actualization: An Approach to Gender Affirming Therapy Addressing Gender Actualization in Relationship Therapy, essay/chapter provided for book (est. 2025).

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Lorna Douglas

In-Office: Cincinnati | Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY, OH My approach to counseling is holistic and person-centered. With an attitude of non-judgement and unconditional positive regard, I work alongside my clients to examine how their unique strengths can be harnessed to bring increased balance into every dimension of life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I primarily incorporate aspects of cognitive behavior therapy, wellness counseling, and mindfulness in my practice with clients in order to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress from mental illness or difficult life transitions.

Dave Brewer

In-Office: Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY, OH, AZ Families today come in all shapes and sizes. And although no family shape or size is bad in itself, dealing with changes or conflicting needs can be hard. Adults and kids in today's families face the challenges that past generations never had to deal with. We face divorce and step-family issues, kids who can't seem to get along with parents, brothers and sisters or other kids. Single parent families, gay and lesbian family members, grandparents raising grandchildren. Some kids just struggle to succeed, either at home or at school, despite tremendous efforts on everyone's part. I work with individuals or families to help them create attainable goals and plans to reach these goals successfully. My focus is on strengths and solutions.

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Brittany Schmidt

In-Office: Cincinnati | Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY, OH I specialize in gender therapy. I primarily work with transgender and non-binary teens and young adults. I take a supportive and affirming approach to therapy, and I believe that the client is the expert of themselves. I am here to provide insight, knowledge, and skills. I utilize a neuro-scientific approach in my counseling, and also work with couples and polyamorous relationships.

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Stephanie Knipper

In-Office: Cincinnati | Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY, OH Do you feel like you’re always on high alert, waiting for the other shoe to drop? Are chunks of your life missing, leaving blank spots where memories should be? Do you find yourself replaying certain experiences over and over again? If so, you’re not alone. Over 70% of adults have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Trauma can leave you feeling like you’re fighting for your life, even when you’re perfectly safe. Unlike other mental health issues, trauma is triggered by an outside event that is so terrible, so intolerable that it leaves an imprint on the brain. As a result, the brain might perceive a threat where none exists. This is why months or even years later, you might feel the same way you did when you first experienced trauma. I know first-hand the way trauma colors every aspect of your life. I also know healing is possible, and your past does not have to define you. Counseling can help you move forward. In a calm, safe, and trusting environment, we will work together to help you heal from the past and find the peace-of-mind you’ve been searching for.

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Erin Curry-Zeigler

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH I work with my clients through individual and partner therapy, with a specialty in treating adults with sexual assault and intimate partner violence. My goal is to provide individuals and couples with a safe, welcoming environment. As a therapist, my role is to help my clients feel comfortable as we work through various thoughts and emotions. My treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Dr. Allie Rhinehart

In-Office: Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY I work with children, adolescents, and adults on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment, developmental and behavioral issues, parenting, family systems, relationship dynamics, identity development, career exploration, and wellness. ​I consider myself a specialist who uses play therapy with children and exploration of family dynamics/early childhood experiences with adolescents and adults to tackle the many challenges of life. The cornerstone of my approach lies in encouragement and empowerment. My goal is to join with clients as they work through troublesome thoughts, learn to manage their emotions, and take steps toward healing. I believe in my clients’ abilities to make intentional decisions about their behavior and the relationships they pursue. I am an Adlerian therapist, which means I see value in belonging and meaning making. I also integrate neuroscience while building relationships with my clients. This is especially useful when helping clients work through developmental issues, trauma, and grief. Situations and experiences do not define us. Instead, with insight and support, we have the opportunity to define who we are and what we might contribute to the world. I have also studied appropriate techniques for incorporating spirituality as a source of hope and connectedness to culture and community, for clients who wish to do so.

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Shelly Baxter

In-Office: Cincinnati | Ft. Thomas Virtual: KY, OH, FL As a systemic couples and family counselor, my interactive treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to assist clients as we resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. For over 20 years I have worked in an agency and community counseling setting with youth and their families allowing me to be productive with clients from many stages of life. I have also worked on the Clermont County crisis hotline for 10 years. I draw on a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client and family utilizing systemic family therapy. Specialty include depression, oppositional behavior as well as risk assessment and crisis intervention for youth and young adults. Each client (individual or family) is personally assisted as we work together to build on their strengths and identify a plan to achieve their life goals.


Bart Campolo

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH If you feel alone in your problems, want better relationships, or are struggling for direction after losing your faith, we should talk. It sounds simple, but liking yourself, connecting with others, and building a meaningful life can be hugely difficult, especially when you don’t have the understanding and support you need. I specialize in helping people move from “stuck and frustrated” to “engaged and hopeful”. I work with couples as well, in much the same way, with a special focus on improving communication and sexual connection, working through infidelity and mistrust, and becoming better teammates. While we’ll surely talk about your past, I’m convinced that positive change mostly happens in the present, as we focus on building a better future.


Hayden Mitzlaff

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH I am experienced in working with individuals struggling with disordered eating, depression, anxiety, life transitions, post traumatic stress disorder, self-esteem, and LGTBQ+ issues. While I enjoy working with clients of a variety of backgrounds, life stages, and diagnoses, I am passionate about treating adolescents, teens, and young adults with eating disorders.

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Lauren Okeefe

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH I am an EMDR therapist, in progress of my certification. Married into my use of EMDR are somatic (body-centered) approaches and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) to which I am certified in. Body centered approaches help to restore the body removing stored body memories. EMDR focuses on thwarted/maladaptive responses due to stress. With this, we work to identify core touchstone memories and its link to family of origin connection/ to development/ attachment injuries. Our goal in treatment will be to cultivate a deeper sense of understanding, curiosity and compassion for your past self while building and installing resilience in your present self.


Alyssa Scivoletti

In-Office: Cincinnati | Dayton Virtual: OH I work with adults, adolescents, family systems and couples. I work with issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, self-esteem, and relationship issues. I am a Marriage and Family Therapy student at Touro University. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Youth and Family Studies at Nyack College.


Deanna Mcpeek

In-Office: Cincinnati | Dayton Virtual: OH I have a primary interest in working with LGBTQIA+ adults and adolescents working through issues of religious trauma, generational trauma, interpersonal trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and identity development. I practice a holistic, person-centered approach to working with clients' strengths to meet their unique needs. I am kink and polyamory/consensual non-monogamy aware and affirming. My aim is to provide a space of acceptance for who each client is authentically as we work together through diverse situations and emotions. I am currently a second-year Master’s student at Wright State University obtaining my degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a practicum student with the Waybridge Gender Actualization team. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with concentrations in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience and my Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Wright State University.

Jack Renner.jpg

Jack Renner

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH I work with adults and adolescents dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, interpersonal problems, and life transitions. I also counsel couples working through the difficulties of a relationship: communication, intimacy, trust, and navigating life together. I am excited to welcome you, get to know you as a person or as a couple, and collaborate in achieving your goals in counseling. My approach to counseling is person centered: I accept you for who you are and will use your strengths for healing. My treatment is also based in CBT principles. We will mindfully identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and work together to adapt them. My practice is holistic incorporating all aspects of you and your life into the healing journey. Finally, my treatment is adaptable. We will collaborate throughout the process and adjust treatment to best serve you. I am currently earning my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Xavier University. I graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in 2016.


Emma Kuerze

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH I work with adults and teens who are dealing with issues surrounding depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, grief, life transitions and adjustment issues. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process where we create a safe and supportive environment in which you can grow, and we work together on your goals. I am very adaptable and will work with you to find the best fit therapeutic techniques to suit your needs. I look forward to getting to know you and working together to reach your desired goals in therapy! I am currently obtaining my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Xavier University and will graduate in August of 2024. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2022 from the University of Cincinnati.


Katya Morozova

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: OH It takes immense courage and responsibility to navigate life changes, a truth I understand through my own journey of moving to the US and returning to school as an adult. Drawing from my own experiences, I have faced the frustrations and overwhelming moments that transitions bring, and I want to help you navigate through yours. Life is a dynamic journey, and I am here to support you in discovering your strengths and inner resilience and encourage you to integrate newfound knowledge about yourself into your daily life. I am currently pursuing my master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Xavier University. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia, and over 15 years of working with children and their families in different settings, I bring a wealth of academic knowledge to complement my practical experience. I am confident that my diverse multicultural background can provide valuable support to clients with various experience.

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