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Speciality Counseling in Carmel Indiana

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Dr. Butch Losey

In-Office: Cincinnati Virtual: KY, OH, AZ I work specifically with couples who are recovering from infidelity, are dealing with difficulties in communication, find it difficult to talk without arguing, or have problems intimately connecting. My process for couples therapy is systemic, transformational and experiential. My hope is that you will gain a greater understanding of yourself and your partner, which will create transformation in your relationship. I create the session experience so that you will consistently experience each other in a positive, growth-oriented way. You will not come in and "chat with the therapist" about the problem, but work with each other as I coach you through necessary and difficult discussions so that you can create transformative change in your relationship. You will be encouraged to implement healthy strategies, challenged to stop problematic behaviors and taught skills to be a stronger, better couple. At the end of therapy, you should expect to have a better understanding of each other's needs, be better at talking about difficult topics, have increased intimacy between the two you, and have healed the pain that brought you to therapy. My Books: --Unwelcome Guest: Intrusive Thoughts, Rumination, and the Complexities of Healing After Infidelity --Managing the Aftermath of Infidelity: A Sequential Guide for Therapists and Couples --Creating an Effective Couples Therapy Practice --Bullying, Suicide and Homicide

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