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Marriage Counseling Phoenix

Communication problems, stress, depression and anxiety can contribute to problems in your relationship.


Our marriage counselors in Phoenix take a systemic approach to helping you increase love, intimacy and vitality in your relationship. In doing so, we help address personal needs of each partner, problematic relationship dynamics and challenges within the context of your daily life.

We have marriage counselors who specialize with with infidelity, high levels of conflict, communication problems, and sexual problems.


Our trauma team focuses on early childhood trauma, sexual assault and domestic violence. We utilize a trauma-informed care approach and EMDR.

Trauma Treatment


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Work with one of our clinical interns for only $50.00 per session!

Low Cost Options

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Our couples therapists practice systemic-experiential couples therapy to help create intimacy, recovery from infidelity, improve communication and create trust.

Couples Therapy

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We provide individual and group counseling for porn and sex compulsion.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

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Trans Counseling is a highly specialized service and more than just "trans affirming" counseling. Offering individual and group counseling.

Gender Actualization

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We offer virtual sessions 7 days a week to Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky residents.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Team Meeting

Our therapists are trained in experiential and systemic family therapy. Our therapists act as a hub between families and school to provide care in multiple settings.

Systemic Family Therapy

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We offer eating disorder treatment for adults and adolescents dealing with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and weight management concerns.

Eating Disorders

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Loving Couple
Couple Hugging

Couples Retreats


April 2023

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