Waybridge Counseling

Our Clinicians


Dave Brewer


Dave provides family therapy, couples therapy, and therapy for young adults and teens.


Dr. Butch Losey

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Losey provides counseling for couples experiencing infidelity, intimacy concerns and conflict and communication problems.


Katie Long


Katie provides treatment for anxiety, depression, gender identity and transition.

Lauren good picture.jpg

Lauren Okeefe


Lauren provides counseling for trauma and offers dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)


Shelly Baxter

Supervising Counselor


Sierra Maniates

Counselor Intern

Sierra provides treatment for LGBTQIA+ adults and adolescents, and treats issues related to human sexuality, identity development, and interpersonal trauma.

Caitlin 2021.jpeg

Caitlin Yilmazer

Chief Operating Officer

Caitlin provides treatment for gender identity and transition, LGBTQ, and couples counseling.

Erin Curry.jpeg

Erin Curry-Zeigler


Erin provides treatment for sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and domestic violence.

Brittany Schmidt.jpg

Brittany Schmidt


Brittany provides treatment for gender identity and transition, LGBTQ+


Bart Campolo


Bart provides counseling for people changing faith and works with couples.

Rose-Marie Diaz Vasquez.png

Rose Diaz-Vazquez

Counselor Intern

Rose provides treatment for children, adolescents, and early adulthood for general mental health

Lorna 2021.jpg

Lorna Douglas

Clinical Director

Lorna provides wellness counseling and treatment of anxiety and depression.

Stephanie Knipper.heic

Stephanie Knipper

Counselor Intern

Stephanie provides treatment for childhood and developmental trauma, birth trauma.

Michael Fitzpatrick_Michael Fitzpatrick_Michael Fitzpatrick20469  1.jpg

Michael Fitzpatrick


Michael provides sex addiction and pornography addiction therapy. He also is an EMDR specialist, treating trauma.

Kristin Piersin.jpeg

Kristine Pierson

Counselor Intern

Kristine provides treatment for children, adolescents and families. She currently offers systemic family therapy, as well as individual counseling. 

Becca Sales.jpg

Becca Sales


Becca provides counseling for adolescents, teens, early adulthood and families struggling with a history of trauma

Destin Fouche_edited.jpg

Destin Fouché


Destin primarily provides counseling for adults and couples. He helps clients maneuver through struggles of anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, depression and other mood disorders. 

Counselor in Ft. Thomas

Dr. Alessandra Rhinehart


Dr. Rhinehart provides treatment for children, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Her specialities include incorporating play in therapy, identity development, childhood trauma, and family dynamics.

Emilie McCaffrey.png

Emilie McCaffrey

Counselor Intern

Emilie provides counseling for anxiety, depression, anger management and relationship issues.


Ahmarin Noor

Counselor Intern

Ahmarin provides counseling for children with anxiety, anger management, impulse control, family issues, and self-esteem.

Amanda Caras.jpeg

Amanda Caras

Counselor Intern

Amanda provides counseling for adult population for general mental health, as well treating individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders and obsessive disorders.  

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Randy Frost

Supervising Counselor

Abril Sosa.jpeg

Abril Sosa

Counselor Intern

Abril provides counseling to children and families related to behavioral and emotional concerns. She also provides couples and family counseling.


Aakanksha Nyati

Counselor Intern

Aakanksha provides counseling for adolescents, young adults, and adults for general mental health, anxiety-obsessive disorders, and depression and other mood disorders.






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Scottsdale Office

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Some hours may vary depending on clinician.


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